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Keeping our elected officials honest from Main St. to Capitol Hill

About Us

Your voice, your action and your commitment to the cause guarded against several key threats to the free market in the last two years. 

Because of your action on the federal level bad policies such as Card Check, Cap & Trade, and the Public Option for Obamacare failed.  Because of you Nancy Pelosi will no longer be holding the gavel pushing job killing and debt building pubic policy in the US House. 

Because of your actions in Florida the job killing, threat to personal property rights ballot initiative, Amendment 4, failed.  Threats to our state and national prosperity were defeated and we are looking toward the future with a renewed sense of purpose.  

With these victories we must not get complacent, but instead must continue to build and gain and build momentum by way of true grassroots activism. 

We now take our fight for prosperity and freedom to the State Capitol.   With new leadership in both the legislative and executive offices there is the promise of new beginnings and free market plans will undoubtedly be met with staunch opposition from the old guard of liberal special interests including but not limited to unions, public employees and predatory lawyers. 

We implore you to join us as we take action and stand toe-to-toe, and match their action call-to-call and letter-to-letter in a way that has never been seen in Florida to date. 

On this site you will find up to date policy descriptions, action alerts and ways to stay involved.  We encourage you to bookmark this page and refer a friend.

Together we will “Keep 'Em Honest!"